Option 1: Adding buttons

You don't need advanced programming skills to start accepting PayPal payments, you can simply add buttons to your site.

You can use “Add to Cart” buttons to allow multiple item purchases, or “Buy Now” buttons for instant single item purchases.

There are also a few other options to choose from, such as making donations or signing up to a subscription.

Please refer this link for guidelines on how to create PayPal Payments Standard Buttons using the Button Factory

Option 2: Through a partner

One of our recommended partners can set you up with a shopping cart, or even a full e-commerce website, that's pre-integrated with PayPal so that there's no need to add the buttons yourself.

If you already have a shopping cart or e-commerce solution then just check our list of partners to see if yours is already integrated with Website Payments Standard and simply follow the instructions.

See PayPal Partners

Option 3: Custom integration

If you're a developer or are comfortable with HTML coding, you can do your own custom integration. Choose the type of integration that's right for you and take advantage of our developer resources to get started:

HTML integration

If you're building your own shopping cart or storefront, start with the HTML overview of Website Payments Standard.

API integration

This type of integration allows you to create and manage buttons within your own application. To get started, check out the Button Manager API overview.

Useful links: Developer Central  |  Intregation Guide  |  Create Developer Account  |  FAQs


PayPal pricing is very competitive. There are no extra costs like set-up charges, monthly fees or cancellation charges and you only start paying fees when your business actually starts taking payments.