Exchange rates for Debit cards issued by PayPal in Europe

PayPal does not charge any currency conversion fees in relation to transactions done with a debit card issued by PayPal. When your transaction involves a currency conversion and you are paying with the PayPal Business Debit Mastercard , Mastercard’s foreign exchange rate at the day of settlement with the recipient’s bank will apply. This may differ from the actual date of your purchase. You can easily check Mastercard’s current rates by entering “1” or the relevant transaction amount on the Mastercard Currency Conversion Calculator . You will need to select the transaction currency and the currency of your card (for example, GBP for cardholders in the UK). Insert “0.00%” when you are asked to enter the “Bank Fee”. This is because PayPal does not charge its cardholders additional costs for currency conversion on payment transactions. If you wish to compare Mastercard’s rate with the European Central Bank foreign exchange reference rate, the ECB rates can be found here .

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