Why has my payment been sent as an eCheque?

A payment will be sent as an eCheque if your PayPal balance is not enough to cover the payment and you don’t have a card and a bank linked to your account.

With eCheques, your bank account will be debited when the payment is initiated. However, the recipient will typically receive the money up to 10 working days later.

To see the status of your eCheque payment:

  1. Go to Activity.
  2. Use the date range, 'Advanced search' options or the keyword search box to find the payment and then check the status.
  • Cleared: The transfer to the recipient has completed.
  • Uncleared: The transaction is still processing from the bank.
  • Failed: We were unable to obtain the money from your bank so the payment to the recipient hasn't completed.
  • Cancelled: You've cancelled the eCheque. If you cancel an eCheque the money will still be debited from your bank account, but will be credited to your PayPal account balance.

You can see the expected clearing date of your eCheque on the Detailed view. Just click the payment in your Activity.