What happens after I open a dispute?

We've notified your seller of the issue you raised in your dispute.

Working with the seller can be the quickest way to resolve an issue. You can communicate directly with them through a message board in the dispute case. 
Here's how:
  1. Go to Resolution Centre.
  2. Click View under ‘Action’ next to your case.
  3. Respond to the seller with any relevant information and click Send.
What's next?
You have 20 days from the date you opened the dispute to resolve it with your seller. If they're not responding or you can't come to a resolution, you can escalate the dispute to a claim. If you do so, we will review it and decide the outcome. 
If we need additional information from you, or require you to take action, we'll email you. You can check the status of your dispute at any time or provide more details in the Resolution Centre.
We understand disputes and claims are never ideal and can be confusing. Please refer to our timeframes for more information and timelines on the disputes and claims process.

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