What fees will be charged for funds donated through GoFundMe or CrowdRise charity campaigns?

GoFundMe and CrowdRise enable their customers to raise funds to benefit the charity of their choice. Through their platforms, users can donate to current charity fundraising campaigns or create their own unique campaigns for the charity they want to support.

GoFundMe charges 2.9% + 30p on charity campaigns to cover its own processing costs and PayPal’s transaction fee. GoFundMe does not charge a platform fee and there are no PayPal Giving Fund fees. 

CrowdRise has a pricing structure which gives donors the opportunity to cover the campaign's transaction fee (both the platform and payment processing fees) on behalf of the cause. The platform fee varies slightly based on the Pricing Plan the nonprofit has selected, but you can typically anticipate between 3-6%.

Payment processing fees are an additional 2.9% + 30p per transaction. This covers the safe handling of the funds, as well as a tight layer of security for both the donor and the beneficiary.

Visit the GoFundMe fees page for more information.
Visit the CrowdRise fees page for the latest fee information.

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