What does it mean to confirm my bank instantly?

Confirming a bank account used to take days. Now you have the option to do it in seconds by logging in to your online bank account or banking app. This simple step helps us verify that you are the owner of the bank account. It also lets us know that you approve of us checking your balances and transactions if needed. This helps confirm you have enough money for a transaction and to check for suspicious activity related to PayPal transactions on your behalf.

What’s the benefit of confirming instantly?
The short answer is time. Confirming instantly gives you the freedom to shop online or send money with PayPal right away.

Do I have to confirm instantly to add my bank account to PayPal?
No, the choice is yours. Instant confirmation is a service we offer if you prefer to link your bank account to PayPal as quickly as possible.  This will also allow us to confirm your bank account details and view your balances and transactions in your bank account as necessary for 90 days.  
Is there another way I can confirm my bank account?
Yes, you can enter your IBAN as an alternative. We’ll then make a small deposit into your bank account and send a verification code. Confirming this way may take 1-2 business days, so you won't be able to use your bank account right away with PayPal. 
My bank is located outside of the United Kingdom. Can I still confirm it instantly?
Not instantly, but you can still confirm banks located outside of the UK. For banks located in one of the EU countries, simply use your SEPA IBAN to confirm your bank account.
Why do I need a confirmed bank account?
A confirmed bank account or credit card may be required to use PayPal for online purchases or to send money. This helps us fight fraud, verify that you are the bank account owner, and manage risk on your behalf by making sure you’ll be able to cover your PayPal payments.
After confirming my bank, can I cancel the consent?
Absolutely. You always have control over how your bank account is connected to PayPal. If you want to cancel this consent, which allows us to access your bank account details as necessary for 90 days, simply go to your Settings to make the change.
How will my information be handled?
As with all of our customers’ sensitive information, PayPal works 24/7 to prevent theft, fraud, and other attacks. We’ll check your bank accounts and transactions for 90 days, as needed during transactions. We’ll also store that information to monitor for any suspicious activity and to make sure your bank account has enough funds for your PayPal payments. This information will never be shared with third parties for marketing purposes.
Once I confirm my bank, do I have to do it again?
When you confirm your bank account for the first time, it becomes a part of your Wallet until you decide to remove it. For your security, you may occasionally be asked to confirm your bank account again during a transaction. This is a measure we take to help fight against any inappropriate use of our customers’ bank accounts.

What is the SEPA direct debit authorisation?
This is you giving us the permission to collect any necessary funds from your bank account when you use it as a payment method on PayPal. This authorisation is necessary to add and use your bank on PayPal.

If you’ve accepted the mandate but want to remove this permission later, go to your Wallet, select your bank, and click ‘Details’. Keep in mind, removing it means you'll need to accept the mandate again next time you want to use your bank account on PayPal.