What can I expect after I dispute a PayPal Credit charge?

Once we receive your dispute, we’ll confirm by email and we’ll begin the investigation.

The disputed amount will continue to appear on your statement, including any interest charges, but we won’t attempt to collect the disputed amount from you. You’ll still be responsible for making payments on any remaining balance owed on your account that isn’t in dispute.

We’ll notify you if we need additional information from you to process your dispute. Please respond promptly to any requests for additional information.

We’ll send you a notification of the outcome of your dispute once our review is complete. If we resolve the dispute in your favour, we’ll remove the charge from your account and you won’t have to pay any interest charges related to the disputed amount.

If our investigation determines that the charge is valid, you’ll be responsible to pay the disputed amount and any applicable interest charges. The total amount due, including any applicable interest charges, will appear on your monthly billing statement.