Collecting money

How do I tell people about my Money Pool?

You can share your Money Pool with friends and family by texting, emailing, or posting the link to social media. You can copy the link from the pool itself or get it from the Share this pool box on the right-hand column of the pool. 

Where do Money Pool contributions go?

All the money you collect with a Money Pool goes to your pool’s balance. You can transfer it at any time to your primary balance. From there you can transfer to a bank account or spend it online at any of the millions of sellers that accept PayPal. Please note that you are responsible for spending the money collected for the purpose set out in your pool's page and no rights arise in the pool for you or the contributors.

Do I need a PayPal account to contribute to a Money Pool?

Yes, to contribute to a pool you must have a PayPal account. If you don’t already have a PayPal account, sign-up is fast and free.

Can I request to receive specific amounts for a Money Pool?

Yes. When you create your pool, you can set minimum amounts for people to contribute or add specific contribution amount. You can also choose to accept any amount.

How do I transfer money I’ve collected from a pool? 

You can transfer money you’ve collected to your primary PayPal’s balance at any time. From there you can transfer it directly into your linked bank account. 
  1. Go to the Money Pool page.
  2. Click Manage Pool.
  3. Click Transfer Money.