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Take your business to a new level.

PayPal invites you to join our Partner Programme, specially created for web solutions that can integrate well with PayPal. We particularly welcome businesses that provide expertise in shopping carts, web hosting, web design and all-in-one solutions.

Why Should I join PayPal's Partner Programme?

To stay ahead of other e-commerce businesses, it's important to extend your reach and prepare for growth.

That's why partnering with PayPal can really help. By joining PayPal's Partner Programme, you gain exposure to the following:
  • PayPal's growing user base, now at 100 million accounts worldwide
  • PayPal marketing materials for your website and newsletters, e.g. logos, banners and targeted promotions
  • Up to £750.00 every time you refer a new merchant to PayPal
So, if you're an expert in web solutions, this could be your chance to reap even more financial rewards.

Join PayPal's Partner Programme

To join PayPal's Partner Programme or to find out more, simply email us at provide the following details:

  1. The name and nature of your business and the services you provide.
  2. Contact name, email address and phone number
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PayPal Certified Integration

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