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Make sure your account is ready to accept payments

Follow these setup steps to get seller ready.

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Confirm your email

If you haven’t already, confirm your email address to start accepting payments.

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Provide your business name

Confirm your business name to appear on your customers’ credit card or bank statement.

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Access your funds

Link your bank account to your PayPal Business account to transfer funds.

Accept payments

Let us help you make shopping fast and easy for your customers.

PayPal Commerce Platform provides you with a simple way to accept payments, whether you have an online or physical store or sell through a marketplace. It’s easy to get started—just follow a few simple steps and collect your first payment.

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Get paid online

  • PayPal Checkout

    Take every effort to improve sales by letting your customers pay the way they want to without leaving your website. PayPal Checkout allows you to accept some of the most popular payment methods in 200+ markets, including PayPal, card payments and other alternative and local payment methods. All in a single integration on your website.

    Start integrating now

  • If you have built your website through a shopping cart or other ecommerce platform, check with your provider for how to accept PayPal on your site.

    If you don’t have a website yet, visit our solution providers directory to learn how you can start building one today.

  • How do I add PayPal checkout to my site?

    There are two options for integrating PayPal checkout with your site:

    1. Work with a developer: Share our five steps with a developer to get the code and API credentials to set up your payments and add code to your site. Learn More.
    2. Work with one of our ecommerce platform partners that already has PayPal integrated into their platform. See the list.

Get paid in person

Be ready to accept payments in person with Zettle, a member of the PayPal family. Process card and contactless payments, track sales, and more – all from your compatible smartphone or tablet.

The Zettle card reader is quick to set up, simple to use and protected by the high standards of security that you know from PayPal.


Use your PayPal business login to sign up to Zettle.

Learn More


Order your reader online.

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Download the Zettle app to your phone or tablet.

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Do you need help with your PayPal Here card reader?

Visit the PayPal Here Resource Centre for technical support.
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QR Code

QR Codes

QR Codes let your customers pay—quickly and touch-free—by scanning a code using the latest PayPal app.

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Get paid by email

Whether your customers prefer to pay with cards or PayPal, you can accept it all in no time with our easy, customisable and professional invoices.

How to set up Invoicing
  1. Log into your business account and select 'Create Invoice.'
  2. Customise the invoice form by filling out your details.
  3. Click 'Send' and the invoice is delivered to your customer's email inbox right away.
  4. Your customer can pay you online using their credit or debit card or PayPal. They don't need a PayPal account to pay you.

Invoice Template

To create an invoice template for your business, click the 'Save' drop-down menu at the top of your invoice, choose 'Save as Template' and give your template a unique name for you to use next time.

PayPal Business App

Download the PayPal Business app to create and send invoices on the go. Just log in, select 'Create an invoice' and fill out your item details. You can also manage account activity and send payment reminders whenever you need to.

Get paid by phone

With Virtual Terminal, accepting debit and credit cards is easy—no card reader to buy, no software to install. All you need is internet access and your smartphone, computer or tablet turns into a credit card terminal.

How Virtual Terminal works
  1. You log into Virtual Terminal.When you’re ready to process a payment, go to and log into your account. Click on ‘Virtual Terminal’.
  2. You enter the order.Enter the order details and credit card information.
  3. You complete the transaction.You’ll receive confirmation for successful transactions. You’ll then have the option to print a receipt, packing slip or shipping label—or process another payment.

Get paid on social

Create a PayPal.Me link here and share it by text, email, chat or social media and get your customers to pay with a few quick clicks. Create a link with your business name to build recognition and trust.

  1. Create your PayPal.Me link here.
  2. Share your link with customers by text, email, chat or social media. Let customers enter the amount they owe, or request a specific amount by adding it to your link—for example, to request £25.
  3. Customers can pay you online using their PayPal account.

Accelerate growth

Help to scale your business with solutions from PayPal.
Explore options to help you expand, drive sales and fund your business.

Get paid on marketplaces and more

PayPal is built into many online platforms and marketplaces, giving you more ways to sell your products. PayPal is built into thousands of solutions, including event ticketing, digital marketing platforms, video streaming apps, niche marketplaces for customers looking for just your product and specialty fundraising platforms. Search our Partner Directory to find a solution that suits your business.

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PayPal Credit

PayPal Credit can help boost sales and encourage loyalty by providing your customers with a range of options to spread the cost of their purchases, including access to interest free and monthly instalment offers.1

To learn more, contact our customer support team here or call 0800 358 7929.

PayPal Working Capital

A PayPal Working Capital cash advance is based primarily on your PayPal account history, there’s no impact on your credit score and no personal guarantee required. To apply for PayPal Working Capital, your business must have a PayPal Business account for at least 90 days and process a minimum of £9,000 within those 90 days or within any time period less than or equal to 12 months.3

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Streamline operations

Explore the key tools available with PayPal Commerce Platform.

View your activity

Check the status of all payments from your PayPal business account's 'Activity' tab. Tap a transaction for more details.

Resolve customer queries

We can help if something goes wrong. Respond to unauthorised activity or transaction issues straight from the Resolution Centre under the 'Tools' tab.

Learn business insights

Access shopper insights, personalised charts on your sales performance and more from your PayPal account's 'Reports' tab.

Manage your funds

Easily withdraw money from your PayPal account to your bank account--just click 'Transfer money' and enter the amount you'd like to move.

We're here to help

Manage your account

View transactions, withdraw funds, access the Resolution Centre and more in your account.

Resolution Centre

Issue refunds or fees or respond to a customer chargeback.

Business Resource Centre

Get all types of tips on managing and growing your business with PayPal.

Merchant Technical Support

Contact the PayPal Merchant Technical Support (MTS) team to help you integrate PayPal on your website and answer all your technical questions.


PayPal is an easy way to integrate today’s most popular payment methods. And PayPal makes it simple to add new payment methods whenever they become available. We invite you to explore our complete set of dev docs and resources to help you learn, experiment, test and integrate.

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1Some PayPal Credit options may require you to hold FCA permissions before integration.

2To apply for PayPal Working Capital, you must have had a PayPal business account for 3 months and process minimum annual PayPal sales of £9,000. PayPal sales history and account behaviour determine eligibility. Minimum payments apply. See terms for details.

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