Paypal Here: Accept payments on-the-go or in-store

May 21 2019 | PayPal Editorial Team

These days, online payments are easy. But, what do you do when your customer is right there in front of you, waving his/her Apple Pay iPhone or a contactless card wanting to make a payment?
Maybe you’re at an event – a craft fair, a food market, a conference or trade show. Or, have you just started in business as a plumber, a pet groomer or a mobile hairdresser? Perhaps you’re opening a new shop or coffee house. You’ll quickly find that cash doesn’t cut it, in today’s marketplace.
Consider this:
  • In 2016 (the latest figures available), cash was used for just 15% of UK consumer spending and just 3% of all spending 1
  • Three out of five (61%) cash payments were for £5 or less 2
  • Even in cafes, only 1 in 10 now pay with cash 3
  • The cashless society is coming fast. Already, in Sweden, less than 1% of the value of all payments is made in cash 4
 As society becomes increasingly cashless, accepting in-person payment by card or contactless is a must.

Putting PayPal in your pocket

PayPal Here helps you get paid in person. It’s PayPal’s card reader for physical cards and contactless payments. Quick to sign up and set up, as long as you have access to the internet on your phone and once you've synced the low-cost card reader device with your smartphone app, you can accept payment by card. The PayPal Here card reader also enables you to accept contactless payments, including Apple Pay and Google Pay, wherever you are in the UK. The money goes straight to your PayPal account.
Aaron Flanagan, owner of Comic Book Guys, divides his time between his Belfast-based comic store and events like collectable-comic conventions. Having a mobile card reader is important, as he says: “When we’re doing events, there’s no unplugging or messing around. You just put the PayPal Here card reader in your pocket and you’re off. It’s such an easy, easy device to use. And the fact that it links up with our point of sale makes it all seamless. With PayPal Here we can process sales anywhere and at any time.”
Other businesses are finding the same. For “fun, funky and family-oriented” OLPRO, speed and ease of use were key. The camping and caravanning specialist attends a lot of outdoor shows and fairs. Owner Daniel Walton notes: “PayPal Here’s been very, very easy to use, particularly now that contactless is here as well. People literally just show the card to the reader and that's ultimately what we need at the shows.”
SupportWizard provides IT support to the “always-on” hospitality industry in London. For founder Adam Forman, customer responsiveness was critical, as he explains: “PayPal Here lets me say ‘OK. Well, I'll send my engineer down and you can pay him, there and then. The engineer can take the additional kit with him and agree on the work with the customer on-site. That’s made everything a lot quicker for us. It’s really helped.”
PayPal Here works in-store as well. With the smartphone app, you can create your own product catalogue, making it faster to serve customers whether you have a coffee shop or a hardware store. You can have multiple users and create reports that help you manage your business. And, of course, you benefit from PayPal’s great support, world-class security and trusted brand. Sound interesting? You can learn more on our PayPal Here page … well, here.

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