A ‘pawternship’ like no other

May 17 2019 | PayPal Editorial Team

Meet the ‘Tap Dogs’ dogs who are the furry faces behind the latest fundraising campaign from Blue Cross, one of Britain's leading pet welfare charities.

Armed, or rather paw-ed, with their PayPal Here card readers, these 4-legged volunteers and their human companions are taking fundraising to a whole new level of cuteness.
Instead of carrying buckets and asking people for cash donations, anyone wishing to donate can simply ‘pat and tap’ the dog to make a donation. The donation is made via a quick tap on the PayPal Here card reader placed into the side pocket of a dog coat using a contactless payment card or smart device (smartphone or watch). It will be set up to take a £2 donation but donations for other amounts can be adjusted by the handler using the PayPal Here app and receipts can be issued by email or a text message if required.
Prototype coats were created and trialed in 2016, principally to raise awareness of the charity’s work helping thousands of abandoned, homeless, sick and injured pets every year. PayPal offered its support for the scheme and funded a range of new contactless dog coats and donated PayPal Here contactless card readers for each of the coats.
We are really proud to be supporting this initiative. It goes without saying, that fewer people carry cash on them now, so this new way to make donations with a card or smart device really highlights how forward thinking Blue Cross are as a charity.
We also think it’s great to see such a fun and innovative way, not only for people to donate to a charity, but to actually engage with some of the animals the charity supports. It’s nice to think that rescue dogs are helping to raise money for other rescue animals.
Tap Dogs are behaviour assessed Blue Cross event dogs, mainly owned by dedicated volunteers. The coats have been especially designed with the comfort and safety of the dog in mind and are worn for short periods of time, after which the dogs get to take a break and have some treats.
Want to find out more?
Find out more about Blue Cross and PayPal Here.

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