Urskog: from the forests of Sweden to the streets of the world

Jul 18 2019 | PayPal Editorial Team

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Ideas can come from the strangest places. Pictures of friends surfing the waves in Brazil led Christoffer Stivén to build his own longboard and surf the streets of Stockholm. “I built one for my brother,” he says. “And then some friends asked me if I could make them boards, too.” Before long, Stivén’s garage became a workshop and Urskog was born.

Urskog – the word is Swedish for “virgin forest” – combines Stivén’s love of boarding with a passion for the beauty of natural wood. The company’s website gives a clue to the depth of this passion: “we shifted our gaze inwards, to the mainland. Let our eyes wander, past fields and fertile soil, past thick pine forests … and deep into the Nordic heart. There, in the deepest, primeval woods, among trolls and faeries, black forest lakes and pale rays of sun over moss clad rocks we found what we were looking for.” As Stivén says, “What really makes us unique is that every single deck is different because we work with real wood … It's pure happiness when you feel that you're onto something great.”

Urskog started an online store and the company’s natural wood longboards became popular all over the world. Stivén chose PayPal to help build online sales. “When we changed to PayPal, we noticed quite quickly that almost half of our online sales switched from going through our existing sales system to going through PayPal,” he recalls. “And so we realized that PayPal is an important component when building up online sales.”

Online shoppers enjoy browsing across borders – nearly three quarters of European shoppers have purchased from an international retailer.¹  Recognised and trusted around the world, PayPal can help build confidence in customers who may be less familiar with a smaller brand. As Stivén says, “Our impression is that everyone knows what PayPal is, both here in Sweden, but especially abroad.” Today, Urskog boards are sold across Europe, in Australia and the US.

Most importantly, Stivén loves his job: "I feel really lucky to be able to have fun at work every day and to work with my passion. It's something I plan on doing for a long time to come.”
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¹UPS (2017), UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper – European Study 2017

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