Production Gear doubles online sales with PayPal

Sep 18 2019 | Paypal Editorial Team

When 3 colleagues lost their jobs, they followed their passion and set up on their own. Today, Production Gear sells professional-level broadcast, video and audio equipment to over 20,000 customers.
“It was 3 days before Christmas,” recalls co-founder Simon Beer. “We hadn’t been paid. Then, we got a phone call telling us the company had gone out of business and we wouldn’t be paid. It was quite a stressful moment.”

The 3 friends, united in their love of film and cinematography, rented a small office in Barnet. “It was 400 square feet. We had three desks around the outside and all our stock piled to the ceiling in the middle,” Simon says. “It was the biggest gamble of my life: we had borrowed quite a bit of money. But we were ready for a new adventure in the new year.”

Online is essential to success

Office premises were important, but Simon knew that an effective ecommerce website would be essential.

He built Production Gear’s site using the CubeCart ecommerce platform. “The great thing about CubeCart is the support. That’s where it really comes into its own,” Simon says. “They really go above and beyond to support their customers.”

Initially, Production Gear used a different payment provider but last year the business switched to PayPal. “Switching to PayPal on CubeCart was very easy to do,” Simon explains. “It was a 5-minute job.”

“We almost doubled daily sales with PayPal”

Simon saw an immediate impact from the change. “We almost doubled our daily [online] sales when we switched to PayPal. It was crazy,” he says. Ease of use and trust are the key factors for customers, Simon feels: “[With PayPal] you just put in your user name and password and you’re done.” And, on trust: “PayPal is a name that people trust. It doesn’t matter where you are, PayPal is recognised internationally and that gives customers a sense of security.”

Seller security, too

PayPal’s Buyer Protection and Seller Protection programmes are important, Simon feels, but switching to PayPal has also helped seller security in another way, as he explains: “Before PayPal, we were receiving loads of fraudulent orders, every day.” But now, “PayPal weeds out about 95% of fraudulent orders, before we see them. That saves a lot of our time.”

PayPal provides a single payments solution

Production Gear uses PayPal Here for events. “We try to do things slightly differently,” Simon explains. “We have a showroom and an online presence, and we also hold open days and training events.” Attending or running offsite events requires a mobile means of processing payments. “We used to rent a card terminal for events, but it would cost at least £100 per show,” he adds. “Now we’ve bought a couple of PayPal Here readers and they live in the desk drawer. You just pull them out and you’re ready to go. We can use them over and over again.”

Simon uses PayPal to speed payment of credit invoices, too. “We’ve just integrated ‘Pay Now with PayPal’ buttons on our sales invoices,” he explains. “I can send customers a PDF invoice and they can pay directly from the invoice.

One step ahead in technology

Production Gear has thrived since its launch. “We won a couple of big deals right at the start and we haven’t looked back,” Simon reflects.

Its success if founded on a passion for technology. “We get hands-on. We’re not just selling boxes. We can say to customers, ‘When I was using this…’. That makes a big difference. People come to us for our knowledge and experience. And, we’re not biased. We’ll sell what’s right for the customer and they’ll come back because of that.”

Today, Production Gear has over 20,000 customers ranging from big broadcasters, through freelancers to committed and passionate hobbyists. Having been an early pioneer in building and selling aerial drones for film, Simon is now at the forefront of live, streaming video. As he says, “We’ve always tried to stay one step ahead in technology.”

We hope Production Gear sees a similar passion in PayPal; staying one step ahead in payments technology to keep our customers secure and efficient.

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