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Integrate PayPal into ZenCart

Learn how to set up PayPal within ZenCart payment modules.

Step 1: Log in to your ZenCart Admin page and select Modules. Next, click on Payment
Step 2: Select PayPal Express Checkout from the list of payment modules, and click the Install button on the top right.
Step 3: Configure the following:
  • Enable PayPal Express Checkout: set to TRUE
  • Express Checkout Shortcut Button: ON
  • Payment Action: Final Sale
  • Transaction Currency
  • API Username/ Password/ Signature. Click here if you need more details about getting your API credentials
  • PayPal Mode: PayPal
  • Transaction Mode: LIVE
  • Click Update

How does it work?

On checkout your customers will be asked to login or enter their payment information. Once the payment is complete, they’ll be redirected back to your site. If your customers don’t have a PayPal account, they can always check out as guests.