Safeguarding your account.

Protecting your account and money is important to us. We constantly review all accounts to help ensure PayPal remains a safer place to transact. When an account is limited, you may not be able to make a payment, receive or withdraw money. From time to time, limitations may be placed on accounts when unusual or suspicious activities are detected, to safeguard you from potential losses.


We’ll email you and ask you to log in to our Resolution Center for details on how to resolve the issue more quickly, usually by providing documents.


Once you’ve submitted the information required, we’ll review and reply via email.


We’ll lift the limitations once we have verified your account information. At times, limitations can be lifted by simply changing your security questions and password.

What might cause a limitation?

Your account may have been limited for a number of reasons.

Removing limitation.

To remove account limitation, we may request for the relevant documents. We will guide you through the limitation process and help restore full access to your account through the email.

Documents required Purpose
Supplier’s invoices with contact information This helps us determine the inventory source and validate that you have the items that you’re selling in stock
Payment information When an invoice is unavailable, we’ll review the following information about your payments:
  • The item or service that was sold
  • The buyer’s name and shipping address
  • Proof of shipment to verify that an order was delivered
Shipping or Tracking information This information enables us to verify that customer orders are being fulfilled
Proof of address such as bank statement or utility bill These documents help us verify your identity when there is unusual account activity or to comply with regulations
Proof of identity such as passport or driver’s license This information helps us verify your identity when there is unusual account activity or to comply with regulations
Proof of business This information provides evidence of a valid business registration and business ownership.

Guard your information.

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