Case Studies

PayPal can help you expand your business across borders and around the globe. Take a look at the real-life case studies below to learn how we helped merchants just like you expand their international sales.

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Starting small is the approach Sarah Davis, owner of Fashionphile, recommends. She started selling on eBay and today does more than $15M in annual revenue, with 30% of her sales coming from international buyers. Her advice:

Snow Sport Deals

Expanding into cross-border sales has helped Snow Sport Deals make every day a snow day for its customers. Chris Chapman, co-founder and CEO of this $1.5 million company, explains why PayPal is his perfect solution:

The Pro’s Closet

Owner Nick Martin keeps the wheels of his business spinning by selling pre-owned gear to cyclists worldwide. Find out how he does it with a little help from eBay and PayPal and hear his advice for other business owners hoping to expand internationally:

Revive IT

Revive IT, formerly known as Nationwide Surplus, has earned a 400% revenue increase since 2011 and generated US$4.8 million in revenue in 2014 alone. Co-owner, Christopher Ko, explains how PayPal contributed to the success of their business.


Penzu, the online journaling platform, started as a small idea in 2009 and has now grown into a lifestyle embraced by a million people across 202 countries, including Australia, Canada, India, Japan, and Germany.


Establishing one of the largest, American-made undershirt brands available, Mike and his wife Kim built an exclusively online brand that has attracted a loyal, global customer base including major celebrities.