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How do I prove that I've sent an item to the buyer?

If a buyer claims they didn’t receive an item, you may be required to provide proof of shipment.

Online or physical documentation from a shipping company should include the recipient's name and address, as shown on the Transaction Details page. We’ll ask you to upload this to the Resolution Center.

For transactions above $750 USD (or the equivalent amounts in different currencies), we also require signature confirmation.

If the buyer demands that you deliver to an address different from the one in the Transaction Details page, we suggest contacting the buyer to arrange a refund and make a new payment with the correct delivery address.

Learn more about our Seller Protection.

What documents or information can I provide as proof of shipment or delivery for intangible items?

For intangible goods, proof of shipment or delivery means compelling evidence to show that the item was delivered, or the purchase order was fulfilled.

Compelling evidence could include a system of record showing the date the item was sent and that it was either:

  • Electronically sent to the recipient, including the recipient’s address (email, IP, etc.), where applicable; or
  • Received or accessed by the recipient.

Please also make sure you fulfill the intangible goods additional requirements.

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