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Why did I get result code 19?

PayPal returned result code 19 - Error: Original transaction ID not found.

Multiple issues, explained in the next few paragraphs, can produce this result code:
  • The original transaction ID isn't in the database.
  • The attempted transaction wasn't sent to the account in which the ORIGID was processed.
  • You're trying to perform a Delayed Capture, Credit, Void, or Reference Transaction.
  • An Authorization or Reference Sale transaction used the ORIGID from a transaction that was just processed.
  • Payflow Pro merchants: The original transaction is missing the PayPal Transaction ID.

There are several ways to resolve this issue.
Original transaction not found
  • Verify the original transaction ID and retry the transaction.
  • If the original transaction ID isn't available, use the Multiple Transactions feature within the Virtual Terminal in PayPal Manager.
    1. Log in to your PayPal Manager account.
    2. Click Virtual Terminal.
    3. Click Multiple Transactions.
    4. Select Transaction Type of Delayed Capture, Credit or Void.
    5. Enter a date range.
    6. Click Continue.
    7. Find the transaction that you want to Capture, Credit or Void and check the box next to the PNREF.
    8. Click Capture (or Credit or Void).
  • If you're trying to perform an Inquiry transaction (TRXTYPE=I), use the Custom Report under the Reports section of PayPal Manager to view the transaction details.
  • Verify that the original transaction ID is a transaction processed within the last 12 months. The PNREF returned in the original transaction is valid for use in reference transactions for 12 months. If the original transaction ID is older than 12 months, you must get the full credit card number from the cardholder and submit a new transaction.
Transaction sent to a different account
Some merchants have multiple accounts, and the original transaction ID may have come from a different account than the one being used. Resubmit the transaction using the same account on which the original transaction was performed.

Transaction attempted too soon after ORIGID was processed
You may get an error message, "Original transaction ID not found," if not enough time passes between the two transaction attempts. To prevent this, edit your code to allow about one minute for the first transaction to complete before attempting to perform a Delayed Capture, Void, Reference Credit, Reference Sale, or Reference Authorization.  

Payflow Pro merchants: The original transaction is missing the PayPal Transaction ID
When the PayPal Transaction ID is missing from the original transaction details, the original transaction on the PayPal IMA account can't be found. Get the full credit card number from the cardholder and submit a new transaction.
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