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How to use PayPal

Getting started...

You’ve opened a PayPal account. Now simply add your card and start shopping.

Payments made simple

Choose PayPal at checkout and simply enter just your email address and password. No need to re-enter your card details.

Unlimited shopping

Shop to your heart’s content here, there and everywhere. PayPal is accepted by millions of online businesses. Just look for our logo.

Stay in control

You don’t need a balance to shop with PayPal. All you need is a card added to your PayPal account.

Relax, our Buyer Protection has you covered.

When you shop online with PayPal, our Buyer Protection covers all your eligible transactions. So if that purchase doesn’t match the seller’s description or doesn’t arrive, you can get a full refund – including shipping costs. And you’re covered for more than ever before – even for travel, digital downloads and concert tickets.

More about Buyer Protection

Shop here, there, anywhere.


Shop online, then pay quickly and safely with PayPal. The whole World Wide Web is yours to explore.


Use PayPal on eBay to buy lovely things, or sell unwanted items. It makes the experience wonderfully simple and streamlined.


Support those less fortunate and give money to a good cause. In just a click you can make a difference to thousands of charities.

Send payments in a few clicks.

Want to send a payment faster and more securely? It’s easier to do, and the recipients don’t even need a PayPal account. Forget bank details, 16 digits and secret codes – all you need is the PayPal app and their email address.

Learn more about sending payments

Wherever you shop, look for the PayPal logo.