How can I correct the personal data PayPal holds about me?

You can correct your data by logging into your account. You can also contact us and request we correct the data for you.

If you do not have an account, submit your contact request by pressing the “I can’t login or I don’t have an account” via the help centre - please note though that this will require verification of your identity before PayPal can assist you.

We can only correct personal data when requested by the owner of that data or by a party authorized by the account holder.  

If you want us to correct data that we’re legally required to verify as a financial services provider we may request additional information from you to confirm your personal data (ex., marriage license to confirm a name change).

As part of any request to correct data, we’ll conduct reasonable verification checks to ensure the security of the data. We reserve the right to not allow data to be altered if we’re unable to verify your identity, if there is a conflicting legal obligation, or if doing so would put PayPal or other parties at risk.