Let your fingers do the shopping.

We have versions of our app for iOS, Android and Windows. In a few moments you can log on to PayPal, check your balance, pay bills and more. It is easy, fast and secure. With PayPal there are no borders.

Stay protected on the go.

Whether you are buying a tablet or t-shirt, you can pay securely on your phone. Just use PayPal’s mobile checkout and your eligible purchases are protected, just like on your computer.

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As a mobile user, PayPal allows me to view the payments I have made locally and internationally. I can also send money to my contacts easily. It’s  brilliant!

Sebastián Rodríguez González

You’re in control.

You can put your Visa, MasterCard, Diners, or American Express in one safe place within your PayPal account. Once linked, you can choose where your money comes from each time you pay.

Almost one fourth of all Latin Americans have shopped on their mobile.

Your phone is charging.

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