How We Recruit

We look for people with passion, experience and vision.

Find a position and apply.

View jobs by location or by category to find an open position that sparks your interest, or learn more about our PayPal family of companies. When you see the opportunity that is just right for you, simply click on “Apply to job”, and follow the login and submission instructions.

If your skills and experience match an open position, a recruiter may contact you to discuss your background and the position, and advise you about what to expect in the interview process.

Tell us more in your interview.

What matters to you?

What problems do you want to solve? What do you want to make and share with the world?

How do you work?
Our best people are trailblazers:

  • They are dedicated collaborators and customer champions who aren’t afraid to take risks
  • They move quickly to learn, address issues and develop new solutions

What do you need to grow and succeed?

What goals do you have? What experience do you already have and what do you need to develop to move forward in your work and career?

Build the future with us.

We recruit people who will help us build a world where...

Trust is established in seconds.
Every business on the planet has the chance to grow and thrive.
People can instantly support any cause they care about, anywhere in the world and make an impact.
Anyone anywhere can send and receive money.
Money is invisible and limitless.

Find a position that matches your experience and passion.

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