What's an Instant Transfer and how does it work?

An Instant Transfer is a way to send money or make a payment from your bank account instantly using PayPal. The seller is credited immediately while our request for the money from your bank is processing. You need to have a confirmed U.S. bank account and a backup funding source such as a debit or credit card registered on your PayPal account to complete an Instant Transfer. If your bank declines your transfer the first time, we will try to retrieve the money a second time. If the second attempt also fails, the Instant Transfer is charged to the backup credit or debit card used for the payment.

Here’s how to start your Instant Transfer:

  1. Click Send & Request.
  2. Follow the prompted steps to complete your payment.
  • The Instant Transfer is charged to the backup debit or credit card used for the transaction if your bank declines your transfer. We will represent the payment to the bank a second time (within 3 business days) before using your backup payment method.
  • Your backup payment source can be changed before you send the Instant Transfer, but not after.
  • We’ll email you and the recipient after the transaction is successful.
  • You need to have enough money in your bank account to initiate an Instant Transfer.
  • If your back up funding source is an expired credit or debit card, you can't complete an Instant Transfer.
  • There is no hold if the payment has already completed from the bank to PayPal. The money will be available in your PayPal balance when the payment completes. You’ll see a separate transaction that shows your Instant Transfer payment as "Refunded."