What is the Account Updater feature PayPal contacted me about?

In a Nutshell...

To provide merchants with an easier and faster processing time, PayPal is providing a new feature that attempts to automatically update expiry date and other information for their customers' cards on file. PayPal will use use a third party source to update the cards with eligible refreshed cards, if available. Recurring payment transactions or other eligible transactions are available with the Account Updater feature.

What do I need to do? 

Customers are not expected to change their Pro integration code. Those merchants who received a direct notification email will be enrolled in this feature, subject to the terms and conditions in the updated PayPal Website Payments Pro and Virtual Terminal agreement, as described in the email.


Q: Who is eligible for Account Updater? 
A: Merchants who receive an email communication directly from PayPal notifying them that they will be enrolled in the feature. 

Q: What does my customers see? 
A: Depending on how you've configured your integration, your customers using the recurring payments and other eligible transaction types will see their cards refreshed. 

Q: Where is this available?
A: Initially, this feature is available in North America.

Q: Where can I find the PayPal Website Payments Pro and Virtual Terminal Agreement?
A: US merchants can find the agreement here. CA merchants can find the agreement here

Q: I don't want this feature, how do I opt-out?
A: If you received an email and are enrolled in the Account Updater feature, you may choose to opt out from it. To opt out, please email us. In the subject line, make sure to state you would like to Opt out of the Pro Account Update feature and include your merchant name and where you can be reached. 

Note: Processing of this request could take up to 5 business days. Unfortunately, if you choose to opt out we cannot re-enroll your account into Account Updater.

Q: My customer complained that they didn't authorize their card to be updated. Can I opt out this customer? 
A: You cannot selectively remove a buyer or a group of buyers from Account Updater. If your customer uses a recurring payment method, they can choose to remove that payment method.

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