PayPal for Business Solutions

PayPal on eBay

PayPal is the perfect eBay payment method, whether you're a new business about to start selling or an established business looking to pump up your sales.


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Mass Pay

Eliminate the time, cost and hassle of sending money to individual recipients - make fast multiple payments via email.


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Website Payments Standard

Simply add a PayPal payment button to your site to accept payments from bank transfers and all major credit and debit cards.


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PayPal Invoicing

Whether your business is online or offline, PayPal invoicing gives you a fast and professional way of requesting payment. Send a professional-looking invoice via email. Customers can pay you instantly, even without a PayPal account.


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Express Checkout

Increase your sales just by adding a PayPal payment button. Integration is easy, and customer data can be handled in a way that meshes with your current system.


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PayPal for Digital Goods (Express Checkout)

PayPal for Digital Goods (Express Checkout) is a streamlined checkout experience with a specially designed pricing model.

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