Why did I get a communication error while using PayPal Manager?

You got a communication error message while trying to access or use PayPal Manager.

Any of the following causes can produce this issue:

  • PayPal Manager was being reset when you tried to use it or log in.
  • A bookmarked URL includes session information.
  • A communication issue with an unknown cause has occurred.

Try the following solutions to resolve this issue.

If PayPal Manager was being reset, follow these steps:
  1. Log out of your PayPal Manager account.
  2. Close all open browsers.
  3. Log back in to your PayPal Manager account.
  4. Retry as needed until servers are restored.
The bookmark should reference https://manager.paypal.com. The URL shouldn't include session information such as ?CFID=11867523&CFTOKEN=73257298. If you use a bookmark and the URL you're navigating to has session information appended to it, remove the session information (such as the text including and after the "?" character) and try to log in again.

Unfortunately, many communication issues can cause interruption of service while using PayPal Manager. Wait and then try to log back in.