How do I remove a limitation from my PayPal account?

You can find the steps to remove an account limitation in the Resolution Centre.

When your PayPal account access is limited, you may not be able to use certain account functions, such as sending or withdrawing funds. An account could be limited due to various reasons. For example, your business may not be compliant with our policies, or a recent activity/transaction appears unusual and we temporarily restrict the account access to protect it from potential account theft. Learn more about the causes and solutions for account limitations in Singapore.

You can normally remove a limitation by providing a little more information about your account or your latest transactions. Here's how to view the details and remove the limitation:
  1. Go to Resolution Centre.
  2. Click Go to Account Limitations.
  3. Click Resolve beside each required steps and follow the instructions.

After you complete all the required responses for this limitation, we’ll review the case and email you with an update. As soon as we’ve confirmed that the necessary steps are completed, the limitation will be removed from your account. Depending on the complexity of your specific case, sometimes the review may take longer. Please refer to our email updates on your case, or track your case status in the Resolution Centre.

Note: If you received an email stating that your account is limited, but don't see any steps in the Resolution Centre, you may have received a fake email. Please forward it to and we’ll investigate it for you.