How do I integrate Payflow Pro with Miva Merchant?

Here's how:

  1. Log in to your Miva Merchant admin panel.
  2. Click Payment.
  3. Click Add/Remove Modules.
  4. Click Install for module PayPal Payments Advanced and/or Payflow Gateway.
  5. Select Payflow Pro for Payment Solution.
  6. Configure the following values:
    • Set Host to the default:, Port 443.
    • Enter Partner, Merchant Login, User, and Password twice.
    • Use the default Transaction Timeout interval of 30.
    • Select your preferred Currency.
    • (Optional) Edit the default CVV2 message.
    • Select Charge Method.
    • Select Credit Cards you will accept along with the Display CVV2 Field for each charge method you selected.
    • Click Update.

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