How do I integrate Checkout with 3dcart?

Before you begin, configure your PayPal account settings.

Set up PayPal
To set up Checkout, you must set up PayPal Payments Standard first. Here's how:
  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Set the Contact Telephone Number as the cart requires:
    1. Select Profile > Profile and settings.
    2. Click My selling tools.
    3. Click Update next to Website preferences.
    4. Scroll to Contact Telephone Number.
    5. Click ON (Required Field).
    6. Click Save.
  3. Grant API Access to your PayPal Payments Pro/Checkout account settings, as follows:
    1. See: How do I grant API permissions.
    2. Grant permissions to
    3. Check all checkboxes except Generate consolidated reports for all accounts.
    4. Click Add.
  4. Set Instant Payment Notification (IPN), as follows:
    1. Select Profile > Profile and settings.
    2. Click My selling tools.
    3. Click Update next to Instant payment notifications.
    4. Click Choose IPN Settings.
    5. Enter a Notification URL   
    6. Click Receive IPN message (Enabled).
    7. Click Save.
Integrate Checkout with 3dcart
  1. Log in to your 3dcart admin panel.
  2. Select Settings > Payment.
  3. Click Select Payment Methods.
  4. Click the slider to On for PayPal Express Checkout.

    Note: You must have a payment method such as PayPal Standard already added before you add Checkout into 3dcart. 
  5. Begin Checkout configuration by completing the following fields.
    • Caption - Enter a title as you would like it displayed to your customers.
    • Email - Enter your PayPal Business email address.
    • Customer Group - Set to All unless you intend to restrict who can use this method.
    • Region - Select All / All unless you intend to restrict this method to a specific location.
    • Authorize Only - Check the box If you want Delayed Capture.
    • Enable Billing Agreement/Reference Transactions - Check the box if Reference Transactions are enabled.
    • Add PayPal Credit Button -  Check the box to display the Checkout with PayPal Credit button. (Recommended)
    • Review any additional options.
  6. Click Save.

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