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How do I update the Java SDK?

If you modify SDK source code or properties files, you must rebuild the SDK to reflect these changes.

Here's how to rebuild the PayPal SDK:
  1. Install the Ant build software, which the SDK uses to build itself. You can download Ant from
  2. After you install the software, set your PATH environment variable to include the Ant bin directory. In SDK_root, use the following commands to perform the corresponding task:
    Important: Before running these commands, set your PATH environment variable to the location of the Java distribution’s bin directory, as shown in the following example:
C:\Program Files\Java\j2eesdk-1_4\jdk\bin;Command - Descriptionant - Complete build of SDKant - clean Delete build output filesant doc - Generate Javadoc documentation in SDK_root/docsant update - Rebuild the SDK after WSDL changesant rollback -
  1. Restore the SDK to its previous state if the update fails or has unexpected results.

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