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How do I issue a refund when my PayPal account is limited?

You’ll be able to issue a refund once the limitation on your PayPal account is resolved. To resolve the account limitation, please go to the Resolution Centre and complete each of the required response.

If you’re unable to resolve the account limitation right away, you may also authorise us to issue a refund on your behalf. Here’s how to send us an authorisation email:

  1. Go to Email Us.
  2. Select “Sending/Receiving Money” as the topic and “Refund/Cancel a Payment” as the subtopic, and then select “Refund a payment” from the dropdown list. Please include the following information:
    • Transaction ID
    • The recipient’s name and email address
    • Amount you wish to refund
  3. Click Send.

If the buyer accepts your refund, the dispute will be closed after the refund is processed.

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