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What does it mean if my PayPal account access is limited?

When your account access is limited, it means you won’t be able to do certain things on your PayPal account. For example, you might not be able to send or withdraw funds.

Most of the time, you can fix this by visiting the Resolution Centre and providing some information. Here’s how:
  1. Go to Resolution Centre.
  2. Click Resolve in the “Action” column next to each required response.
  3. Follow the instructions to complete the required steps.

After you complete all the required responses for this limitation, we’ll review the case and email you with an update usually within 3 business days. As soon as we’ve confirmed that the necessary steps are completed, the limitation will be removed from your account.

Depending on the complexity of your specific case, sometimes the review may take longer. Please refer to our email updates on your case, or track your case status in the Resolution Centre.

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