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How do I get started with PayPal's website payment solutions?

If you have your own website, here are the payment solutions we offer in Singapore:

Website Payments Standard
You can simply add PayPal payment button code to your website.When your buyers click on the buttons, they’ll be directed to PayPal’s payment page to pay you.
  • If you need a shopping cart: Choose a shopping cart that's already integrated with PayPal, or add our "Add to Cart" button to your website.
  • If you already have a shopping cart: For PayPal-compatible carts, select PayPal as your online payment service. If you have a custom-built cart, add PayPal by cutting and pasting HTML code into your checkout.
Express Checkout
An API-based solution that simplifies your buyers' shopping experience, and keeps them engaged on your webpage or mobile app throughout the entire checkout flow. View our integration guide.

For technical support on implementing the payment solutions, please visit our dedicated Merchant Integration Tech Support Community and PayPal Developer Centre.

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