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Questions about eBay

eBay and PayPal are now separate companies. You may find answers to most of your eBay questions in the eBay Help Centre. Here are links to some of the more commonly asked questions:  
Learn more about buying on eBay with PayPal in Singapore.

Got a problem?
If you have an issue with your eBay transactions, here’s what you can do:
  • If you paid for an eBay item using PayPal, you can report your problem on either eBay or PayPal. If you didn’t pay with PayPal, please report it on eBay.
  • If you’ve reported your problem on eBay with the eBay Money Back Guarantee program, please go to your eBay account for the latest update on your case.
  • If you come across a payment hold on your eBay transaction, learn more about when your eBay payment hold will be released.
For any other support for your eBay activities, please contact eBay Customer Service directly.
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