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How do I set Connect with PayPal user profile options for my REST API app?

As a merchant, you may want to request different PayPal user profile information via your Connect with PayPal integration. By default, Full name is approved for Sandbox/Live accounts.  All other customer data requires approval through the app review process. You can set the Full name option in the PayPal Developer Portal.​  

For security reasons, PayPal recommends passing the absolute minimum number of attributes required for your integration, which is why all attributes beyond Full name must be reviewed and approved.

Note: For best results, set these options in the sandbox environment first, confirm that they meet your expectations, and then duplicate the same option settings in your live PayPal account.

Here's how to set your Connect with Paypal options:
  1. Go to the PayPal Developer Portal and log into the Dashboard.
  2. Under My Apps and Credentials, toggle to Sandbox or Live depending on which environment you are working in, and scroll down to the REST API apps section.
  3. Click the app for which you want to set Connect with PayPal options. 
  4. Scroll down to the app settings section and check the box for Connect with PayPal
  5. Click Advanced Options and select the information you want to request from your customers: 
Personal Profile
  • Full name (default, required)
  • Email (approval required)
Address Information
  • Street address (approval required)
  • City (approval required)
  • State (approval required)
  • Country (approval required)
  • Postal code (approval required) 
Account Information
  • Account verification status (approval required)
  • PayPal account ID (payer ID) (approval required) 
Customer Consent
Enter the URLs for your privacy policy and user agreements.
  1. Click Enable customers who have not yet confirmed their email with PayPal to log in to your app
  2. Click to enable Transaction Search.
  3. Click Save to activate your option settings.
Important: Full name is approved by default for Live accounts. Sharing all other customer data requires approval through the app review process initiated on developer.paypal.com. 
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