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What can I do with transaction receipts in Virtual Terminal?

Virtual Terminal gives you options to view transaction receipts, print them, or send them to customers via email.

To view a receipt, click Receipt on the Transaction Confirmation page. Virtual Terminal displays the Receipt page.

Receipt page
To send a copy of the receipt to your local printer, click Print.

Here's how to send your customer an email copy of his or her transaction receipt:
  1. Click Email on the Receipt page. You'll see the Email Receipt pop-up window:

Email Receipt page
  1. Select an email address from the drop-down menu in the From field. Choose any name registered in your PayPal business profile. Receipts will show "<your-business-name@paypal.com>" as the From address. Replies will go to your registered email address, not <business-name>@paypal.com.
  2. Enter the customer's email address in the To field.
  3. Check Send a copy if you want to receive a copy of the receipt. The copy goes to the Inbox for the business name you selected in the From field.
  4. By default, the Subject field contains boilerplate text ("Your receipt from <business-name> for Payment of <currency-symbol-amount> for Invoice <invoice-number>"). You can edit or completely replace this text if you wish.
  5. Edit or delete the body of the email (the text in the Information from the Merchant section).
  6. Click Send Mail.
If email transmission succeeds, you get a confirmation message:

Email Confirmation
If something stops the receipt from being sent or received, you see the following message:

Email failure

If you get the failure message, recheck the customer's email address, correct any errors, and resend the receipt.

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