Resolving Issues for Sellers - PayPal

Resolving Issues for Sellers

PayPal is one of the most secure ways to get paid online. But sometimes issues with transactions arise.

If a buyer contacts you about a transaction issue: Try to work it out with our Communication Tips.

If the issue remains unresolved and the buyer opens a dispute against you: PayPal will notify you of the transaction issue. You’ll need to log in to PayPal and click Resolution Center.

Resolution Center contains:

  • PayPal Dispute Resolution. Designed to resolve buyer’s concerns, this phase resolves the majority of transaction issues and is the first step in the Buyer Complaint Process.
  • Dispute Tracking and Status. Track the progress of your disputes and claims.
  • Resolution Center Tutorial. Learn how to handle most seller issues.

Understanding the buyer complaint process.

Dispute Phase

If a buyer opens a dispute against you with the PayPal Dispute Resolution process, you must respond to it in the Resolution Center, where:

  • You can read messages submitted by the buyer.
  • You can reply to buyer messages.
  • You can close the dispute by providing a full refund.
  • Your buyer can close the dispute if their concern is resolved.
  • All messages from you and your buyer are on record, where PayPal can view them.

Claim Phase

Not all disputes become claims. But if you can’t resolve the issue through PayPal Dispute Resolution, it can be escalated. The buyer must escalate to a PayPal claim within 20 calendar days from the date the dispute was opened.

The PayPal Claims Team

Our dedicated claims specialists will gather information from both parties, examine the case, work with both parties to fairly and efficiently resolve the claim, and render a decision. This service is offered free of charge.

To learn more about Dispute Resolution, go to Seller Guide to PayPal Dispute Resolution.

Resolving chargebacks.

At any time during the process, the buyer can decide to file a chargeback with their credit card company. Find out how to respond to a chargeback and about chargeback coverage through the PayPal Buyer Complaint Process with:

A little confidence goes a long way.

Anxiety can cause buyers to begin the Buyer Complaint Process – or a chargeback – prematurely. To help alleviate buyers’ concerns, establish yourself as a credible seller with our Tools to Build Buyer Confidence.

Additional resources for sellers.

To learn more about Selling Safely, go to:

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