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Over 10 million online stores across more than 200 markets accept PayPal. Buy quality goods from international stores right from your home. Once you spot a great deal, just click the PayPal button and buy with confidence.

Buyer Protection

Your purchases are protected

With our 24/7 transaction monitoring, anti-fraud technologies and Buyer Protection, you can shop with peace of mind.

Shipping Refund

Your return shipping is on us

You have one less thing to worry, even when you change your mind about your purchases. Simply ship the item back to the seller and get a refund of up to US$15 on the return shipping cost through our Refunded Returns service.

Credit Card

Pay with your preferred card

We work with major banks in Philippines and overseas, so you can pay with your preferred credit or debit card and continue earning reward points*.

From shopping online to sending payments, PayPal is the safer and easier way to pay.

Shop Online

Shop Online

Check out with PayPal and complete your payment with only your email address and password. We process your payments more securely and your financial details are never shared with the online store.

Send payments

Send payments

Pay someone directly for an item or service – all you need is their email address. You can send payments to almost anyone overseas with an email address.

“Even when it's a delicate item to ship all the way from the UK, I'm never worried when I pay with PayPal. It will be protected until it is delivered to me.”

Bella, lifestyle store owner and food stylist

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