PayPal.Me and how it works

Feb 20 2020 | PayPal editorial team

Get a personalized link you can share with anyone to get paid.
Whether it’s for a freelance gig, a small business or your own personal use, PayPal.Me is quicker way for you to get paid. All you need to do is share your personalized PayPal.Me link via an email, a text message, a chat or even your business card and anyone with a PayPal account can pay you.  

What is PayPal.Me 
PayPal.Me is a personalized link that’s connected to your PayPal account. All you need to do is customize a link that’s unique to you or your business and share it to get paid. What this means is you can skip all the hassle of setting up a bank transfer and get paid on the spot while enjoying all the security that comes with PayPal.  

How PayPal.Me works 

Step 1:
Log in to your PayPal Account. 

Step 2:  
Add a logo or picture about yourself/your business.

Step 3:
Create a customized link unique to you.  

Step 4:  
Your PayPal.Me link is done and ready to be shared with your customers. 

And that’s really all there is to it! Now that your personalized link is done, you can just share it with your customers or friends to get paid.  

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Frequently asked questions.

Getting paid is easy! Just share your PayPal.Me link. Text it. Tweet it. Post it to your blog or Facebook page. Email it to your mom. Your friends can then click, type, or tap on your link and pay you back.

Who can I request money from?
As long as PayPal.Me is available in their country, anyone can send you money through your PayPal.Me link, and even set up their own PayPal account if they need to. 

Does it cost me anything to receive money?
If you have a PayPal Business account or the person paying you opts for PayPal Purchase Protection – the payment is a “Goods and Services” payment. That means you’ll pay the standard PayPal fee (2.9% + $0.30).

If you receive a lot of payments from other countries, take a minute to look at our fees since the amount can vary from country to country based on their local policies.

When I get paid using PayPal.Me, where does the money go?
As soon as you receive a payment, it goes into your PayPal balance. You can use the money to buy things online or in stores, or send money to friends. If you have your bank account linked to PayPal, you can transfer the funds to your bank.

Does it cost anything to transfer money from PayPal to my bank?
You can transfer money from your PayPal account to your bank account for free. If you want to receive a check instead, there is a $1.50 fee.

Can I send more than one request at a time?
Sure, there’s no limit on how many requests you can send. Just share your link. That’s it. We handle, literally, millions of transactions a day. We’ve got you covered.

How do I request a specific amount?
Just add the amount you want to request to the end of your link. For example, use PayPal.Me/DiaRusso/25 to request $25.00. The request will be made in your default currency, which you can change at anytime in your PayPal account settings.

You can request a specific currency by adding the currency code to the amount. So to ask for Australian Dollars, for example, you would use PayPal.Me/DiaRusso/25AUD.

NOTE: Some countries have limits on the currencies that can be sent, so check with the sender that they can send you money in the currency you want.
You can manage your information by going to your PayPal.Me link and clicking My PayPal.Me., or go to your account settings and click the PayPal.Me profile.

I forgot my PayPal.Me link, what should I do?
No problem! Log into PayPal.Me and you’ll see your link. Also, your PayPal.Me link is included in the welcome email we sent when you first signed up.

How can I cancel, delete or change my PayPal.Me link?
Once you’ve created your PayPal.Me link, you won’t be able to delete it. If you want to hide your PayPal.Me link from the world, log into PayPal.Me, tap or click Turn Off My Link. This will prevent people from sending you money. Your PayPal.Me link will still be linked to your PayPal account and won’t be available for others to grab.

If you need to edit your PayPal.Me link, you should contact our Customer Support by clicking Contact from footer of any PayPal page.
What photo will show up on my link? Can I change it?
If you already have a Profile photo saved to your PayPal account, that’s what will show up. If you don’t have a photo or if you want to replace it, you can do that through your PayPal.Me link.

When using the PayPal app, I don't want to be listed in the PayPal search directory. How can I opt out?
You can opt out of the search directory at any time by visiting your settings.

Check out the list of countries where you can get your own PayPal.Me link.
You can send money using one of the following payment methods:
  • Balance – a payment funded from the PayPal account balance will be quickly credited to the recipient's PayPal account balance. 
  • Debit or credit card – payment made using a debit or credit card will be quickly credited to the recipient's PayPal account balance.

You can select and change your preferred way to pay online whenever you want. Here's how:

  1. Go to Money.
  2. Click Payment preferences.
  3. Click the payment method you would like to make your preferred payment method.
  4. Click Confirm.

You need to link a card or link a bank to your account before you can select it as a preferred way to pay.

Changing your preferred payment method won't affect billing agreements, subscriptions, or recurring payments. 

You can remove PayPal from Google Pay on the PayPal website or the Google Pay app.
  • On the PayPal website, tap the Settings gear icon, select the Payments menu and select Pre-approved payments. Go to "Google, Inc. " from the left navigation bar and click Cancel.
  • In the Google Pay app, tap on the PayPal card, at the bottom of the details screen, select the menu in the right corner (...) and click Remove payment method.

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