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  • Email invoices

    3 easy steps to send email invoices. To accept payments for an item or service all you need is your buyer’s email address and you can create customized email invoices from your PayPal account.

    1. Create your invoice template through your PayPal account. Type the amount and your buyer’s email address. You can add your company logo and the description of the item(s) you are selling. Save your invoice template and click on Send.

    2. The invoice is sent to your buyer’s email address with a link in the email to pay you.

    3. Once your buyer makes the payment, we notify you by email and the money is transferred into your Account right away.

  • Accept PayPal on your website

    The fastest way to get paid if you have a website is to add a PayPal “Buy Now” button to it, so that your customers can pay you either by credit card or with their PayPal account. Once you have added this button, it is automatically connected to your PayPal Business account so that you can start accepting payments right away.

    1. Create a payment button and add it to your website.

    2. Tell your buyers you are accepting PayPal by displaying a PayPal logo on your homepage (you can find it on our Logo Center).

      If you need technical assistance for advanced integrations check out our API solutions.

  • Sell on eBay

    List your products on eBay and reach millions of buyers around the world.

    1. Sign up for an eBay account.

    2. Click on the "Sell" tab on the top of any eBay page to start listing your items.

    3. Select PayPal as your payment option, review and submit your listing. Start selling.

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