Payflow Link Gateway: How It Works


This page will help you to:

  • Set up your Payflow Link account
  • Integrate Payflow Link into your website
  • Understand how Payflow Link works

Set Up Your Payflow Link Account

Before you set up Payflow Link, complete these steps:
  1. Set up an internet merchant account with an acquiring financial institution to process online payments. If you need an internet merchant account, call us at 1-888-847-2747. Or, you can also use an existing internet merchant account.
  2. Many shopping carts have the Payflow Link gateway built in. Check the Shopping Cart List or your hosting service.
  3. Have your business ownership and contact information ready before you order.
  4. Purchase Payflow Link

Integrate Payflow Link Into Your Website

You’ll need the ability to add a small piece of HTML to integrate Payflow Link into your website.

To integrate Payflow Link, complete these steps:
  1. After you purchase Payflow Link, log in to PayPal Manager. It provides step-by-step instructions to integrate Payflow Link into your website.
  2. Follow PayPal Manager’s instructions to add a small piece of HTML to your site. The code connects your order interface to a secure, PayPal-hosted order form.
  3. Customize the look and feel of the PayPal-hosted order form with PayPal Manager. You can add your company logo and specify body and text colors.
  4. Enter your account settings using PayPal Manager.
  5. Send several test transactions. Use PayPal Manager to confirm that they were processed correctly. If you need help, free email support is available.
  6. If the test transactions are okay, click the Go Live banner in PayPal Manager to begin processing customer payments.

Understanding How Payflow Link Works

  1. Customers order from the PayPal-hosted order form. It prompts them to enter their payment information and submit the order.
  2. PayPal collects the transaction information and the Payflow processing cycle begins. We securely route your customer’s information through the network of processors and financial institutions.
  3. Your customer’s bank authorizes or declines the transaction and notifies PayPal.
  4. Upon approval, PayPal sends you a confirmation. The entire approval process usually takes less than three seconds.
  5. You decide whether or not to settle the transaction.
  6. When you settle the transaction, your bank credits your merchant account.