Fraud Protection Services: Basic


Heavy-duty security for light transaction volumes.

Basic Fraud Protection Service is the ideal solution for merchants processing low transaction volumes through a Payflow payment gateway. It offers industry-leading security technology from PayPal at an affordable price.

Help protect your business with essential tools. Basic Fraud Protection lets your business:

  • Maximize liability protection. Meet credit card company standards for address verification and card security codes.
  • Reduce chargeback costs. Automatically reject or flag transactions that you deem suspicious.
  • Get started fast. Quickly set up and manage your security system with easy-to-use tools.

Basic Fraud Protection Services works by using:

  • Filters. Quickly set up filters that you can customize to fit your business needs.
  • Online reports. Easily review and then accept or reject online orders.
  • Monitoring. Standard reports let you check on your filters and their effects.

With Fraud Protection Service as a part of your Payflow Gateway, you can get even more security with these options:

Add Basic Fraud Protection Service to Payflow Link or Payflow Pro. Call us at 1-888-847-2747.