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How do I integrate Payflow Pro with Volusion v2?

Using this option, your customers can pay with their credit card on your site without being redirected anywhere.

Here's how:
  1. On your Volusion dashboard, click Settings, then Payment.
  2. Select Payment Gateway > Gateway Name and click Other.
  3. Insert the appropriate credentials in the following fields:
    • Gateway Country - Select United States.
    • Select Other for Gateway Name.
    • Gateway Name - Enter (in all uppercase) VERISIGNPRO.
    • Custom 1 - Enter your Merchant Login ID.
    • Custom 2 - Enter your Partner.
      Note: Use PayPal fo US integrations or PayPalCA for Canada.
    • Custom 3 - Enter your Payflow Manager Username.
    • Custom 4 - Enter your Payflow Manager Username password.
  4. Click Alternative Settings.
    Note: If payment method is not showing in the dropdown, Volusion is not yet enabled for credit cards.
  5. Select preferred Payment Capture method.
  6. lick Save.

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