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Why did I get result code 100?

PayPal returned result code 100 - Transaction type not supported by host or Invalid transaction returned from host.

You can receive this error for the following reasons:
  • Account information is incomplete or incorrect at the processor.
  • The card type being used isn't set up with the processor.
  • Your merchant bank has blocked your account.
  • You're using Global Payments East (NDCE) or Global Payments Central (MAPP) as your processor.

Here's how to resolve this issue:

Invalid account information
  1. Contact Global Payments.
  2. Verify your account information (NDCE, Terminal ID and Bank ID - MAPP, Terminal ID)
  3. Verify that your account and file are set up completely with the processor.
  4. Contact Payflow Support by email at payflow-support@paypal.com or by phone at 1-888-883-9770. Give them your account information so they can verify your PayPal account setup.
Card type not set up
Contact your merchant bank to verify that your account is set up to accept the card type in question. After verification, perform a test if possible.

Blocked account
To find out why your account is blocked and determine its status, contact your merchant bank. If your merchant bank unblocks your account, you can process transactions as usual.

If your account can't be unblocked, you must get another merchant account. If you get another merchant account, change your processor with PayPal. To change or update the processor on your Payflow Pro account, contact Payflow Support.

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