PayPal makes selling on social platforms a breeze.

Whether you’re selling on social platforms like Instagram or Facebook, or reselling your collectibles through a hobbyist forum or even on WhatsApp, PayPal offers you a faster and easier way to close your deal.

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Widely trusted

Buyers trust businesses that use PayPal. Your PayPal account helps you close more sales by giving you access to millions of PayPal customers across the globe.

More secure

We monitor transactions 24/7, plus we keep your customers’ and your financial details private.

Better protection

PayPal adds a layer of security for anyone with whom you’re selling to, and vice versa. It’s designed to make sure that everyone involved in a transaction is as protected as possible.


It’s quick and easy to set up. Manage your account on the go and you can start receiving payments right away and do business anywhere.

Gain traction and close sales.

Simply provide your email address to your fans and followers, or send a payment request via email to customers around the world quickly and they can pay you in minutes. We help a simpler buying process on social platform and reduce drop-off rates.

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Get paid the easier and safer way.

You no longer have to share your bank account details to receive payments. Your customers simply send an online payment to your email address or click on the link that you’re sent with the requested amount to pay, and you get paid in moments. You can choose to shop online or transfer the money to your linked bank account.

How to request a payment?


Enter an email address or mobile number and an amount.


Add a note about the payment request.


You’ll see the money in your PayPal balance when it’s paid.

Straightforward pricing.

No account, set-up or cancellation fees. We charge set rates based on how much you sell.

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Add PayPal to your social media business equation.

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