What is the Seller Protection Policy and what items aren’t covered?

Seller protection is a free service provided to our members. It reinforces our commitment to building trust and safety in our network. It acts as a safeguard for claims, chargebacks, or reversals opened for the following reasons:

  • Unauthorized Payment
  • Item Not Received

Seller protection does not provide protection for:

  • Claims, chargebacks, or reversals for items significantly not as described.
  • Intangible items, licenses for digital content, and services.
  • Items that PayPal determines, in its sole discretion, as counterfeit items.
  • Items that you deliver (or are picked up) in person.
  • Personal Payments that are received.
  • Sales that are not processed either through a buyer’s PayPal account or a guest checkout transaction. This includes sales made using the PayPal Payment Pro/Virtual Terminal (VT) product, PayPal business payments or PayPal Here.
  • Items equivalent to cash including gift cards.

Seller protection is only available for qualified transactions. The Activity page shows whether or not your transaction is eligible for coverage under this policy. If it is, ship to the shipping address displayed once you click the transaction.

To ensure that your items are shipped to the appropriate address, do not accept shipping labels from the buyer or offers to use their shipping services (such as access to their account), since you will not be covered under Seller Protection. Fraudulent buyers may encourage you to use their shipping services since they have the ability to change or re-route the shipping address and then open a claim saying they did not receive the item from you.

Claims, chargebacks, and reversals are usually filed within 180 days of the transaction, but can be filed beyond this timeframe as well. Therefore, we suggest you retain your shipment information (including proof of shipment and online shipment tracking information) for a minimum of 180 days - or longer. It’s important to note that different shipping companies retain shipping details and make information available online for different amounts of time according to their policies and practices. You should make decisions regarding which shipping companies you use and how you retain shipping records based on all of these factors.

The eligibility requirements for coverage can also be found in the Seller Protection section of our User Agreement.