What if I don't confirm my debit or credit card?

Your account’s security is our top priority. That’s why we ask that you link and confirm your debit or credit card to verify that you’re the card owner.
If you can’t find or have misplaced your PayPal code, we can send you a new code. If you are unable to confirm your debit or credit card you will/may not be able to use it as a funding source.
Here’s how to request a new 4-digit code:

  1. Click Confirm my debit or credit card in the Notifications box.
  2. Click Resend PayPal Code at the bottom of the page.
  3. Click Save and Continue.

If an unauthorized person enters your PayPal code incorrectly 5 times, we disable your credit card for use with PayPal to help protect you.

Click Contact Us at the bottom of any PayPal page, then contact Customer Service so we can re-add the card for you. Once we have re-added the card, you can ask to have the 4-digit code re-sent.