PayPal QR codes—a safe and easy way to get paid in-person.

With PayPal QR codes, there's no need for you or your customers to handle cash or cards. It's easy: your customer simply opens the PayPal app, scans your unique code, and you can receive payment quickly. Plus, enjoy everyday low fees when you sell using your QR code.*

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A little extra help for your customers

To help your customers easily adopt QR code payment, download our simple ‘how to’ guidelines to display in store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are PayPal QR code payments?

QR code payments will allow you to get paid in person with PayPal just by displaying your QR code for customers to scan using their smart phone. You don't need any additional devices.

*Currency conversion fees may apply when paying in a currency different from EUR. You only pay 0.90% + EUR 0.10 per transaction over EUR 10.00, and lower fees for transactions EUR 10.00 and under. Fees are subject to change. PayPal QR code payment functionality does not benefit from PayPal Seller Protection Policy.

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