PayPal for Marketplaces.

This global, end-to-end solution is designed to satisfy the unique payment needs of Platforms, Marketplaces and Crowdfunding sites.

What is PayPal for Marketplaces?

PayPal for Marketplaces provides payment solutions for businesses that connect consumers with other businesses. You can help grow your business with inbuilt features that allow you to more easily collect your fees and manage onboarding and payouts in ways that best fit the needs of you and your customers.

The payment solution for…


Providing payments for ride-sharing, room rentals, gaming, social sharing sites and more - online, on mobile or in-app.


Helping businesses to bring buyers and sellers together by making it easy to add commissions and fees and manage multiple payouts.


Designed to cater to the unique payment needs of online fundraising sites to earn commissions, offer tip-ups or apply holds and disbursements.

One platform to run your business.

Set up quickly

Enabling payment acceptance is easy. Your customers can set up and get paid quickly.

Design your experience

Customise payments at transaction level. You can set payout timing, collect commissions, and more.

Go global

Our products are designed to help navigate the complexities of regional nuances and payment services regulations.

Learn how PayPal can help businesses monetise and improve their platforms.

Easy onboarding on your terms.

PayPal can offer flexible onboarding for your customers – so you can offer onboarding upfront or when your customers first get paid.

Give buyers payment flexibility.

Give your customers the ability to accept PayPal, as well as debit and credit cards, so their consumers can choose how they want to pay, with or without a PayPal account. You can help your customers reach new consumers and offer the same great experience on any device.

Handle payment disputes and chargebacks or leave it to us.

Tap into PayPal's expertise of managing payment processing fraud and the associated risk and let us handle payment disputes and chargebacks. You can also take on the responsibility yourself – the choice is yours.

When it comes to getting paid, you can be more in control.

How you get paid

Set up a transaction fee and get paid on your terms. It’s that simple.

How to pay your customers

It's possible to pay them now, schedule a payment or wait until a set threshold is met. How and when users get paid can be set to best fit the needs of you and your customers.

Help run your business better with reports and insights.

Operational reports can allow you to consolidate information about the purchases a buyer makes from different sellers, understand the flow of funds, and manage disputes. Insights help empower business users in finance, marketing, and sales with the answers they need to improve customer retention, lower the amount of inactive customers, and protect revenues.

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